Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yes!im here!

Im here!yess here,in Kedah..n for more specific is at Alor Star,Kedah,Malaysia..hehe..
what am I doing here?haha..attending my beloved bf's mess nite..
Die slalu swuh aku dtg cni,dtg mlwt die..n now im here sbb die da komisen atau lbh dfhmi da dpt ptauliahan..this 3 days is his days,start from 3hb until 5hb..
And aku mnjd partner die utk mlm tu nnt n hope for the rest of my life..
Semoga mlm esk sglaye bjln dgn lncr..

*Mood=excited+nervous+rsau+mcm2 ad,huhu..but as the conclusion is aku happy brada kat cni sbb dpt wt dia happy n sng hati..<3 him..ilysm~wink*wink*

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